A new age of transparent, fair and accurate financing for motion pictures and television.


MovieCoin is a next-generation entertainment industry financing platform built on blockchain technology. The company offers a new class of investors an unprecedented opportunity to directly participate in the financing of Hollywood movies and TV shows with complete transparency regarding where their money is spent and how their investments perform. MovieCoin will accelerate investor returns, enhance liquidity and eliminate outdated accounting and payment processes that in the past have discouraged investment and negatively affected returns.



  • Christopher Woodrow
    Christopher Woodrow
    Chairman and CEO
  • Jeff Ivers
    Jeff Ivers
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Wendy Rutland
    Wendy Rutland
    Head of Investor Relations
  • Blaine Johnston
    Blaine Johnston
    EVP of Global Strategy
  • Geoffrey Doempke
    Geoffrey Doempke
    EVP of Finance
  • Samson Day
    Samson Day
    EVP of Production
  • Elexa Ruth
    Elexa Ruth
    SVP of Global Business Development
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